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05/06/2005: "Rodger again again again"

rodger001 (26k image)

I just ran across this picture of Rodger from years ago...

Yah, we all had long hair back then. Speaking of long hair, have you folks seen the ugliest, scariest picture ever taken of me? No? Well, you're in for a treat today folks. Click Here. Don't say I didn't warn you. When friends joke about my hairline today, I should point them to that picture so they can see that it hasn't moved much in fourteen years. Have a fun weekend!

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Wow. You do amazing portraits. Where are you and how much do you charge? Despite how unattractive I've been feeling lately, you are so talented, I bet you could get me to like a photo of myself.

sk8rn said @ 05/06/2005 10:53 AM PST

good stuff man. You know I got a hair cut once....

DC said @ 05/06/2005 02:05 PM PST

oy.. i remember that picture of you.. eek!

Ryan said @ 05/06/2005 09:51 PM PST

I luv how upon 1irst glance, your drawn right to where you want ppl 2c.

Curator said @ 05/07/2005 10:24 AM PST

I really like the lighting in this one.

Oh, and back then you could have gotten serious work as Phillip Seymour Hoffman's stand-in. wink

Alec Long said @ 05/07/2005 03:45 PM PST

He looks like a magician in this shot. I have never been succesful with this kind of shot, they always end up looking more scary than interesting.

Jeff A said @ 05/09/2005 01:41 AM PST

Nice pic. As a side note, I just spent a half an hour typing a post on my site, only to have Blogspot erase it and tell me they were doing site mainentance. Cripes.

meghan said @ 05/10/2005 02:46 PM PST

Ahhh... The perils of Blogger. Save Early, Save Often. Sorry Sis. Now you can add to the large number of people that post about loosing a post.

Brooks said @ 05/10/2005 03:41 PM PST

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