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04/27/2005: "Renée Again"

reneet5501 (38k image)

It was nice to finish the job early so I could shoot some personal work...
model: Renée K
makeup and hair: Nikki Carbonetta Aguirre

Usually a Nailpro cover shoot goes all day. I mean from 8:30 AM till past midnight. Last Thursday was an exception. It helped that one of the covers was a shot of feet, which requires a bit less in the makeup and hair department. I also understand that the nails in the cover we used Renée for were easier than usual too. Anyway, it worked out good for me as I got at least two cool Black and White portraits of Renée, one of which will go in my portfolio.

camera/film: Horseman LX 4x5, Schneider 360mm 6.8 Symmar-S. Polaroid Type 55 Pos/Neg.
lighting: Elinchrom Octa bank as the main light. One Speedotron head with a 20 inch reflector and a Xenophon diffuser as a backlight.

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How you manage to stay focused during sessions like this is beyond me. smile

Speaking of focus, I love the falloff in this one.

Alec Long said @ 04/27/2005 08:02 AM PST

Beautiful shot. I have to get one of those 360mm for my 4x5 it's a really great focal length for portraits. Too bad they all cost an arm, a leg and parts of a buttock.

DC said @ 04/27/2005 08:41 AM PST

This is wonderful. Quick Q for you (if you don't mind sharing) -- how do you get that awesome border around the image?

myla said @ 04/27/2005 10:03 PM PST

~Brooks, I really like this, the selective focus, the XLNT tones, those eyes staring right at me...all well done~

bttezra said @ 04/28/2005 03:08 AM PST

Myla, the border is a function of Type 55 Polaroid film. It's a 4"x5" sheet Polaroid film that has a paper print and a black and white negative. There's a thin paper border between the two that peels off and makes the border that you see on the image. Does that make any sense?

Brooks said @ 04/28/2005 07:29 AM PST

Awesome shot as always... the depth of field really draws me towards her eyes, which are stunning.

Andy said @ 04/28/2005 08:45 AM PST

I like this shot of Renee better. it really shows off her eyeswink

Joe said @ 04/28/2005 09:28 AM PST

Wow. Very sultry. Amazing shot.

Matt said @ 04/28/2005 06:54 PM PST

Thanks everyone. I shot six frames of Renée with the 4x5 and I'm having four of them drum scanned right now, including this one which I just scanned on my old flatbed for the blog. Once I get them into photoshop, I'll see if any of the other three should be posted too. I have a couple where she is looking off camera that I like a lot too.

Brooks said @ 04/28/2005 08:24 PM PST

she has fabulous breasts. Whoa, did i just say that out loud?

Alli said @ 04/28/2005 08:39 PM PST

The focus falloff is exquisite.. quite possibly my favorite of all of yours that I've seen to date smile

riff said @ 04/29/2005 09:57 AM PST

i'm going to say what everyone else here is thinking. nice breasts!

Ryan said @ 04/29/2005 08:52 PM PST

Wonderfull use of type 55. The image takes me beyond the physical.

Zee said @ 04/29/2005 09:07 PM PST

i'm now the proud owner of a Mac Mini

Ryan said @ 04/30/2005 04:03 PM PST

You take the most consistently beautiful photos I've ever seen. Seriously. I sincerely hope that if I'm ever in town you'll shoot me. Then I can have like 4,000 prints made and use them for every occassion.

estella said @ 04/30/2005 04:34 PM PST

Beautiful, Stunning, Attitude.

Harpreet said @ 05/03/2005 06:08 AM PST


Curator said @ 05/03/2005 09:52 PM PST

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