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04/13/2005: "Hand Jive"

keyhole (65k image)

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Great photo. The background rules!
Chris is a great photograper too! His site is awesome but I could see how it would be NSFW for some people.

DC said @ 04/14/2005 08:10 AM PST

that reminds me of Alice In Wonderland.

Alli said @ 04/14/2005 10:03 AM PST

Gorgeous and compelling shot. His work is absolutely mesmerizing, too. Thanks!

panthergirl said @ 04/14/2005 10:56 AM PST

nice shot, but it's out of focus. (kidding)

charley said @ 04/14/2005 06:09 PM PST

I saw a picture of a real nice kitty one time. It was tan.

Brian said @ 04/14/2005 08:36 PM PST

Tan is a sure sign of skin damage. Maybe you should have put some sun screen on it.

Brooks said @ 04/14/2005 09:09 PM PST

yeah, but think about all the starving children in Chino...think about it damnit!

Alli said @ 04/14/2005 11:12 PM PST

This is just a bit off from your regular style, and I really like it. A bit more abstract, and yet a bit more to the point. Great shot.

matt said @ 04/17/2005 03:42 PM PST

nice photo i like the strong graphic

bert said @ 04/18/2005 03:38 AM PST

Love this one.

susan B. said @ 04/23/2005 06:32 PM PST

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