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04/11/2005: "Portrait of an Illustrator/Blogger."

dar07 (109k image)

Dar has a cool BLAHG...

I want to re-introduce to you my dear friend Dar Freeland. She's an artist and has a cool blog called Face Up Blahg that's easy to keep up with. She posts a new cartoon every other day and hopefully it will make you think, or at least make you say, hmmmmm. Please go and give her some comment love and blogroll her if you like what you see. Oh, and if you already have her on your blogroll (Alli) please change her URL to the new improved one.

camera/film: Hasselblad ELM, 80mm. Fuji Provia 100F.
lighting: One Speedotron head, 11" reflector with 10 grid spot (have those paying attention figured out that I like to use grids a lot?). Aaanyway, the trick here (if you want to call it that) is that I shot her from a ladder and if you look closely, you can see a little shadow from one of the legs. If you see it, you might notice that I shot this upside from the other side and flipped it upside down to add a little tension. Get out your trapeze to view it the way it was shot. :-)

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Ii just wanted to add that in the picture she is on the floor of her gallery, and yes it's a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Brooks said @ 04/11/2005 10:41 PM PST

thats so hot. Can I play with Dar?

Alli said @ 04/12/2005 01:47 AM PST

oh, and I changed it....oops shhhhhhhhh!

Alli said @ 04/12/2005 01:48 AM PST

What'd you use... ...some kinda film?
I wish that floor was still that clean. Nice. Both of you.

Brian said @ 04/12/2005 02:48 AM PST

I just switched web hosts and this comment is a test. I am noticing some weirdness here and there so let me know if you think something is broken around here

Brooks said @ 04/13/2005 05:42 PM PST

YOU'RE broken, Brooks...YOU

Alli said @ 04/14/2005 10:02 AM PST

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