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04/08/2005: "Toy Gyroscope"

gyro (81k image)

Type 55 Polaroid shot of a toy gyroscope found on my bookshelf. It's been a busy busy week so the blog has slowed down to a crawl. I'm off to Vegas for a family wedding. Yes, I'll be taking some pictures, but I promise you I'm not a wedding photographer. I would rather have the CEO of a major corporation looking over my shoulder than a picky bride any day! I'll try to post one more picture before I leave, then it's back to business on Tuesday.

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oooooooooooooo, dizzy yo

Alli said @ 04/08/2005 05:22 PM PST

that is sweet...

how long did you let that one sit before clearing?

john said @ 04/09/2005 10:05 PM PST


Susan B. said @ 04/10/2005 09:23 AM PST

This one brings me back, I used to love my toy gyroscope when I was a kid. smile

Jon said @ 04/10/2005 10:38 AM PST

Hey John. I never cleared it. I just let it sit out over night, then scanned it. Sometimes it works great, sometimes it sucks and you have to do a super clearing to get as much of the dried up goo off.

Brooks said @ 04/11/2005 08:40 PM PST

Brooks that is so cool. Is that one of those Ikea cafe tables that it's sitting on? Oh yeah, do you sell prints?

DC said @ 04/12/2005 09:42 AM PST

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