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03/31/2005: "Portrait of Pamela"

pamlljubo (43k image)

Pamela Lljubo is my new favorite makeup artist...

Not only is she my favorite because she's good, but also because she's enthusiastic about testing. It's hard to find a makeup artist that's good AND wants to test. For those of you who don't know what testing is, it's when a model, makeup artist, stylist and photographer get together to shoot new images for their portfolios. Well, it can just be a model and photographer, but I like a full crew, but not always a wardrobe stylist. I've shot with Pamela a few times, but she just did makeup for the new head shots I did for Meghan.

camera/film: Horseman LX 4x5, Schneider 360mm 6.8 Symmar-S. Polaroid Type 55 Pos/Neg.
lighting:Speedotron head inside an Elinchrom Octa bank as the main light and a Speedtron head with an 11" reflector aimed at the background.

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Alli said @ 04/01/2005 01:39 AM PST

a very pretty makeup artist. nothing wrong with that.

again, beautiful black and white portrait.

charley said @ 04/01/2005 08:55 AM PST

Hey Brooks, it was good to finally meet you this morning. Your work looks even cooler in prints than it does on the web.

DC said @ 04/01/2005 10:00 AM PST

Thanks DC. Maybe you'll do some retouching for me some day.

I never mentioned it here, but I was a finalist in a recent blog awards called the Photobloggies in the "Studio Blog" category. The guy who won this category is John at Orbit1. He mentioned me on his blog yesterday (the link above) and I tied the record for most hits in a day here. One thing that puzzled me was this comment left at the blog post linked above:

You are much more talented than Brooks. Many congrats!
Brooks' photoblog photos are contrived, over-produced and almost mall-like glamour shots.
Having dealt with him personally, I can say he's nothing but an arrogant blowhard.
anonymous post on 3/31/2005 1:37:00 A

Woh! That was kinda mean. This person has obviously never "dealt" with me before, but who writes that kind of stuff and doesn't sign their name? That's just weird and stalkerish.

Brooks said @ 04/01/2005 11:02 AM PST

Ouch man. That comment seems to be way over the top. Anyone that has read more than one entry in yout blog could decern that you are not that way at all. Having met you in person just this morning, I'd have to say I found you to be friendly and easygoing and an all around nice guy.
As to the Mall Glamour Shot thing, Perhaps the person doesn't realise that your photos are for the nail industry, which is inherently "glamourous" in itself.

Besides, since when do Mall photo places use large format and type 55 film?

I hope this post doesn't sound to weird or stalkerish. ;-)

DC said @ 04/01/2005 01:24 PM PST

Fantastic image ... just love the focus -- damn nice....

bob said @ 04/01/2005 01:46 PM PST

she's hot

shark said @ 04/01/2005 01:53 PM PST

First off, you can tell Pamela for me that she is smokin'... She has delicious eyes...

Anyway, I commented back to you on my site and emailed you real quick...

john said @ 04/01/2005 02:14 PM PST


That guy that said:" I can say he's nothing but an arrogant blowhard."

He doesn't know you. Now, I must admit, you've shot some professional athletes, and shortly thereafter, led to their career demise. But as to a blowhard - I don't think so. Career buster - yes!

All smiles,


Chrysostomos said @ 04/01/2005 03:31 PM PST

Hell Pamela could be a model herself! She's very pretty. I like the way the photo is composed. Very nice.

Shannon said @ 04/01/2005 04:18 PM PST

Oh yeah and that guy who gave you the verbal finger? One day someone is gonna rip that stick outta his tush and beat him about the head and shoulders with it. I don't even know you and can see by your writing that you are so not that person he described.

Okay, I'm done.


Shannon said @ 04/01/2005 04:23 PM PST

If we all were to be judged like that, I'd come off as a crackhead.

I love this photo, the eyes are a bit distracting, but everything else is flawless.

riff said @ 04/02/2005 12:07 AM PST

many photographers i've met have come off as arrogant,(and some of them were). hell, i've no success at all, and more than once i've been called arrogant.

as for the best, well, we all think that of ourselves. i found you through that photobloggie thing. there were some other very good contenders, but this is the only one i keep coming back too.

you're black and white portraits rock.

charley said @ 04/02/2005 07:34 AM PST

BEautiful eyes...

I think that is because of comments like that (the one that has signed as anonymous) that some people disable their comments on the blogs. Waht shame. Great work here.

Daniel G. said @ 04/02/2005 08:14 AM PST

I don't make too many appearances on the comment board but I had to say something about the "anonymous" comment. My husband may be a lot of things but arrogant isn't one of them. His creativity always astounds me and I hope our daughter inherits his talents.

marisa said @ 04/03/2005 04:18 PM PST

This is one of my favorite photos of yours because it seems so honest. I believe that she actually is as she looks. It's touching and beautiful

Willful Exposť said @ 04/04/2005 07:47 PM PST

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