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03/29/2005: "Belky Before"

belky01 (32k image)

I've warned you about the nudes...

This is Belky before the boob job. I've never shot her after, but she looks quite different these days. Oh Belky, why oh why? Anyway, she's one of the sweetest ever and I miss shooting her, even though she's a total nightmare to take pictures of because she can't sit still and take direction. She's bouncing off the walls, but in a good way. Lots of energy and always brought great ideas to the shoot, which is important in a good model.

camera/film: Hasselblad ELM, 150mm. Fuji Provia 100.
lighting: One 1K (1000 watt) hot light. The film on this is very warm due to shooting daylight film with a tungsten light source. I've played with the color of this shot over and over and always liked it best like this, just with the saturation cranked way down.

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What!? Brooks has fallen victim to the idiot classification we call "spammers"? Noooo! Why, world, whyyyy?


Seriously, though, this blog has nothing to do with online casino scams. This is hardly a targetted audience. Sometimes I really have to wonder, first why such people have so much free time on their hands, and second, who they actually got their marketing advice from. razz

Jon Baas said @ 03/30/2005 12:56 AM PST

why oh why???...

belky, you should hear what your friend said...smile

seribu sembilu said @ 03/30/2005 02:41 AM PST

Nudes? You won't hear any complaints from me.

Houser said @ 03/30/2005 03:22 AM PST

Oh yeah - gamble, gamble, gamble! Casino, casino, casino!

See, this is why I write my own code.

Houser said @ 03/30/2005 03:23 AM PST

~friggin' comment/trackback ping spammers...I work for a technology company and I am going to have one of the techs find the main culprit who has been pounding my blog for quite some time...hopefully there is something I can do to twart the plauge of spammers...Anyways...I/eye really like the moody lighting in the shot above, and that stare from the model into the lens, very nice...~

bttezra said @ 03/30/2005 04:55 AM PST

But it's so exiting to open the ol blog in the morning and to see all those new comments! I'm in the process of moving my blog over to MT, so even though it won't stop the spammers, it sure as hell will be easier to delete them. It takes forever using Greymatter. One. Comment. At. A. Time.

Brooks said @ 03/30/2005 07:27 AM PST

yeah, i don't like it when they go fake. these look quite nice as they are.

also, a captivating look.

so you did take a lot of yellow out with photoshop?

charley said @ 03/31/2005 12:31 PM PST

I took a lot of all the color out by desaturating instead of removing yellow. It has a toned black and white feel, but if you look close enough you can see the other colors in her eyes and lips and slightly in her pants. It probably depends on the monitor a bit too.

Brooks said @ 04/01/2005 08:07 AM PST

thanx, i'm a bit of a photoshop neophyte, along with all things digital.

go check out my blue cat. if you feel like it. your right it does look like a toned black and white. desaturate, thanx. something to investigate.

charley said @ 04/01/2005 08:52 AM PST

I knew immediately when you said "before" what you meant. Such a shame...I just don't get it. Great shot, btw.

panthergirl said @ 04/03/2005 10:57 AM PST

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