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03/28/2005: "You Talkin To Me?"

johnhang (47k image)

Another old shot while I wait for new stuff to be ready...

No story about this other than I took A LOT of pictures of my old friend John back in the day. This has always been one of my faves.

camera/film: Hasselblad ELM, 150mm. Kodak T-Max 100.
lighting: Backlit by the sun with a silver reflector bouncing back into his face as a main light. It was shot in the late afternoon so the reflection is coming from a lower angle. It makes the light on the face a bit more natural then if it was shot with the sun higher in the sky and bounced back UP into his face. That is all.

Replies: 4 have commented

i don't like this "casino game" fellow.

Alli said @ 03/28/2005 07:22 PM PST

I deleted and banned his ass. I'm sure he'll be back though. I hate comment spam. I've had more today than any other day in over a year.

Brooks said @ 03/28/2005 08:07 PM PST

yeah suddenly I'm getting it too. Ps, lets phone tomorrow. I'm coming to LA tomorrow night, and we can do this thing anytime between like...wed night and sunday afternoon. yaya?

Alli said @ 03/28/2005 11:27 PM PST

He kinda reminds me of Bob Segar/Seagar......feck....yanno that song that Tom Cruise danced to in Risky Bidness.

THAT guy...

Anyways....good stuff Brooks, as always.

Shannon said @ 03/30/2005 04:06 PM PST

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