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03/25/2005: "Sick Dependency Part 2"

allitaylort5502 (45k image)

I don't want to say too much about this picture...

I think it's best if the viewers fill in the blanks.
camera/film: Horseman LX 4x5, Schneider 360mm 6.8 Symmar-S. Polaroid Type 55 Pos/Neg.
lighting: One Speedotron head with a 40° grid as the mainlight. There are a couple "flags" between the light and the subject casting shadows towards the bottom and top of the frame,

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Not that you need me to tell you this, but this picture, as well as the others below, are truly stunning.

Definitely bookmarking this.

Aaron said @ 03/25/2005 10:13 PM PST

Agreed, your work is quite fantastic.

myla kent said @ 03/26/2005 04:03 AM PST

this is quite a love fest of extraordinary convicton! I love it!

Alli said @ 03/26/2005 10:11 AM PST

You know what i love? The little furrow in her brow. Awesomely angsty. (Really nice photo, you know.)

rock grrrl said @ 03/26/2005 03:52 PM PST

Wow.. my style°!

Greetings =)

Patricia said @ 03/28/2005 04:50 AM PST

man, i like all your shots, but your black and white portraits are it.

wish i had one of those long lenses for my 4x5.

and the lighting is just what's needed, not too little, not too much.

what did avedon say? i like to keep the lighting simple, otherwise it interferes with the subject/photographer relationship. something like that.

and Alli is the commenter here? wowza.

charley said @ 03/28/2005 04:30 PM PST

Nope. Different Alli. Go figure, I have two Allis to keep track of.

Brooks said @ 03/28/2005 05:20 PM PST

Professional work....Very creative and technically perfect. Congrats..nice to find your site.

Daniel G. said @ 03/28/2005 06:30 PM PST

holy crap man! this image is HOT. you've got some amazing photos here.

zac said @ 03/28/2005 07:33 PM PST

this photo really moved me. i feel this painful feeling between my chest and my stomach just looking at this girl's expression.

Fergus said @ 04/04/2005 10:29 PM PST

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