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03/24/2005: "Portrait of Mike"

mike01b (50k image)

Hey Alli. Here's the final Mike shot!

camera/film: Horseman LX 4x5, Schneider 360mm 6.8 Symmar-S. Polaroid Type 55 Pos/Neg.
lighting:Speedotron head inside an Elinchrom Octa bank as the main light and a Speedtron head with an 11" reflector aimed at the background. I let the background light spill onto the subject just a bit for fill.

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Exceptional portraits. Very professional. Makes the rest of us look like hacks. I'm jealous. :-)

G N Bassett said @ 03/24/2005 05:37 PM PST

Awww, you're so awesome. I love this shot. Too bad you're amazing. Hey, lets hope you can make me look skinny and less wrinkly for my headshots than I really am. I'm saving this. I might want a huge one of this for our house, if you don't mind, lets print one up. Mmmmmmmmm, my baby is beautiful, especially against my blue eyes and straight hair. You rock kid. you rock...

Alli said @ 03/24/2005 07:40 PM PST

ooooo it's mizzike!

shark said @ 03/24/2005 07:48 PM PST

I have a 436MB scan of this so a big print can be done.

Thanks Mr. Bassett!

Brooks said @ 03/24/2005 08:07 PM PST

i heart brooks.

that is all.

Alli said @ 03/24/2005 08:11 PM PST

Wow. This is superb.

Susan B. said @ 03/24/2005 09:18 PM PST

also awesome, also good to see it's not all digital, yet.

charley said @ 03/25/2005 06:15 AM PST

Thanks everyone.

Funny you should say that Charley. I loaded 10 sheets of actual 4x5 Provia into holders yesterday to shoot a job. I shoot a lot of Type 55 Polaroid in my 4x5, but I haven't loaded E6 film in what seems like a long time.

Brooks said @ 03/25/2005 11:07 AM PST

I love when you speak that photographer gobbledy gook. Its hot.

Alli said @ 03/25/2005 12:07 PM PST

This guy looks familiar, like I've known him in a past life or something. Hmmmm, wonder if he likes to make strange music? You want to make some music together?

EVP said @ 03/26/2005 12:33 PM PST

this is a powerful shot, dude. i wish i understood what that photographer gobbledy gook was all about.

potty said @ 03/26/2005 11:16 PM PST

I was there potty, and this is how it went:

Brooks: just relax yo. Don't think about anything.

Me: OH shit, Michael...that's it, mmmmmmm, damnit you're so cute I'm going to kill you. No. Seriously. I'm going to kill you.

Mike: *blank stare*

*camera flashes*

Brooks: K, we're done!

Me: I want to have you right here on the floor, Michael.

Mike: Whoa, what happened? *blinks eyes*

that is all.

Alli said @ 03/27/2005 01:59 PM PST


bttezra said @ 03/28/2005 04:24 AM PST

photographer gobbeldy gook, no, it's all about the goo.

type 55 is amazing, and to think i used to throw those negs. away in school.

ok Brooks, you suggested a 20D, but might i do better with a fujifinepix? this digital nonsense is really confusing.

and thanx for the blow by blow Alli. the best shots come when you least suspect it, sometimes.

and nice of you to post your gear and lighting Brooks. damn, i've said too much, but i'll be back.

charley said @ 03/28/2005 04:08 PM PST

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