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03/21/2005: "Say Ahhhh!"

nptongue (87k image)

OK, another bad title. I'm a visual person...
model: Kassidy Marley (Otto Models)
makeup and hair: Adrienne Herbert
nails: Lysa Comfort
styling:Jeffrey Lindsay Relf (Fashion Office)
retouching: Michael Block

I'm getting to the last of the images from this shoot and even though I've been looking at them for over a month, I'm still liking them. This was the only shot that didn't have a pretty strict comp coming in. We tried a few different angles and we came upon this. The shot here is cropped a little from the one used as it was a bit too narrow for the blog so I trimmed a little off the top and bottom. One of the things about shooting for Nailpro magazine is that no matter what angles we try, the girls fingernails must always be prominent. This can get tricky, but worked out great on this one.

camera: Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II digital. Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L @ 26mm.
lighting: The main light is a Elinchrom Octa Lite directly behind me. The background is lit with two Speedotron heads with umbrellas and there are Speedotron heads with 11" reflectors covered with Xenophone diffusers on both sides of the set pointing back towards the camera and models.

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No title was perfect. That is exactly what I was saying when I saw the photo!

Jeff A said @ 03/21/2005 03:15 PM PST

That photo is totally dirty. She looks like she may have had some experience in that dept. in her day, though...zing.

Megan said @ 03/21/2005 07:19 PM PST

i kindda like the title.... and i know i like her. =)

potty said @ 03/21/2005 08:04 PM PST

You all may remember that story I told the first time I showed a picture of this model. Yah, the one where I found out that her dad is the same age as me. Good times!
I agree that there might be a hint of a phallic thing going on here, but considering she could be my daughter, I won't allow anyone here to even think it!

Brooks said @ 03/21/2005 08:31 PM PST

so amusing...
so wild though...

i like the photo and the girl...smile

seribu sembilu said @ 03/22/2005 12:11 AM PST

nice pics. and to think i thought all blogs were political a week ago.

charley said @ 03/22/2005 05:48 AM PST

I'm sorry Brooks did you say something?

Genuine said @ 03/22/2005 11:54 AM PST

hey, thanks for visiting my blog Brooks. it takes a lot for me to say i like someones work, liked yours so much i came back for a second look.

and mucho thanks for the digital advice. i have no idea what to get, if anything. canon is a little pricey for me, but i may be able to swing the 20D. i still think digital photography is evil.

charley said @ 03/22/2005 12:32 PM PST

heheh, a "hint" of a phallic thing. that's hilarious razz you light people way better than I do. I think her right hand looks a little stubby.

Joe said @ 03/22/2005 02:05 PM PST

dirty dirty old men...

Alli said @ 03/22/2005 05:17 PM PST

Erin and I, late last fall, took self portraits called "Naughty Popsicle Pictures" I know she has them online, somewhere...


Your woman looks 10000 times better!

Jen said @ 03/22/2005 08:15 PM PST

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