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03/16/2005: "Today's Shoot - Sick Dependency"

alli01 (89k image)

One of only two frames shot with my fur hat...

This is Alli Taylor and she has a song for you. Sick Dependency. We shot a lot of cool stuff today for Alli's demo CD cover. I even broke out the Holga, but we'll have to keep our fingers crossed on that one as I was holding a flash trigger in one hand while I held down the shutter with the other and tripped the strobe during my 1/2 second exposure. I'll either get nothing on the film or brilliance! Anyway, I also shot some really gritty Type 55 Polaroids that I hope to put here as soon as I get them scanned and I work on them a little. Anyway, this shot:
camera: Canon EOS1Ds MkII.
lighting: One Speedotron head with a 40 grid as the mainlight.

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Interesting song. Appropriate photo to go with it. All around, not bad. smile

Jon Baas said @ 03/17/2005 12:12 PM PST

Amazing lips!

codos said @ 03/18/2005 10:13 AM PST

wow, the hat is stunning!

potty said @ 03/19/2005 06:59 AM PST

Here's where I got the hat.


Brooks said @ 03/19/2005 01:28 PM PST

Awesome shot and the song is too. Does she have a website and are they going to sell their demo or just use it to shop themselves around?

Jeff A said @ 03/20/2005 05:27 PM PST

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