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03/14/2005: "Here, Make The Machine Sexy."

filler (50k image)

I don't think it's exactly sexy, but did what I could...

This was shot on location for Aware Products. One of my longest standing clients. It's a perfume bottle filler. The machine that we had available to shoot was not a working one, so we made due by not showing anything that would make that obvious.

camera/film: Hasselblad, 150mm. Fuji Provia 100.
lighting: Good question, I was on the run and I don't remember. It looks like I backlit it with a softbox and maybe used a small reflector up front.

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c'mon - that is COOL

dar said @ 03/14/2005 07:30 PM PST

dude, that's sexy to me. I must be sick. Or something. I'm all tingly in my hessenlager.

Alli said @ 03/15/2005 08:43 AM PST

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