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03/11/2005: "Back to Normal"

NP3floor (48k image)

OK, sorry I had to bring things down around here for a few days, but...
model: Katheryn Rice (Ford Models)
makeup and hair: Adrienne Herbert
nails: Lysa Comfort
styling: Jeffrey Lindsay Relf
retouching: Michael Block

Back to our normal programming. This is the same model and shoot as the stethoscope image a week and a half ago. Similar lighting and same equipment.

camera: Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II digital. Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L @ 17mm.

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another amazing image. thanks for providing all the lighting and camera information!

potty said @ 03/11/2005 07:14 PM PST

so what, now you're calling me out on fatfat's site?

i'm in the middle of a move, here.

it's not that i've forgotten, it's just that i haven't done it.

but i promise as soon as things settle down, i'll git-r-done.

p.s. i hate larry the cable guy.

copygodd said @ 03/11/2005 11:11 PM PST

Larry the Cable Guy is a total dick!

Brooks said @ 03/11/2005 11:26 PM PST

I like your shot, but not the make up, she look so dead! To white face!

MoNa said @ 03/12/2005 08:46 AM PST

very interesting shot... her right arm looks really huge though... but I guess you were going for that smile

valerie said @ 03/12/2005 06:33 PM PST

That is the effect of the 17mm lens Valerie. It was for a story on nail color, so we wanted one of the hands to be the focus. Well, that and we were going for something a little surreal.

Brooks said @ 03/12/2005 07:40 PM PST


Genuine said @ 03/13/2005 01:12 PM PST


hey i think i saw this on your site, as your own work.

heroinegirl said @ 03/14/2005 04:41 AM PST

Nope, those aren't mine. Although, I do see my pictures around on occasion.

Brooks said @ 03/14/2005 07:28 AM PST

if i were a lesbian, that picture would have made me cream my pants.

julia said @ 03/16/2005 10:17 PM PST

Very creative. Good job smile

miklos said @ 03/19/2005 04:41 PM PST

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