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03/10/2005: "Holgarific!"

marshallfield01 (44k image)

What's a photo blog without a Holga shot?...

This is Marshall Field. Home of the Thundering Herd! I shot this on a trip to see the wife's relatives in Huntington West Virginia a while back. I've owned a Holga that I bought from Holga Mods for close to a couple years now and have yet to shoot a person with it (other than some initial snapshots for testing the thing out). Let this be a promise to myself. I Brooks Ayola, promise to shoot some people with my Holga... Soon!

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OMG YOU FREAK! I'm in LOOOOOOOOOVE with my Holga! Mike/Horatio, Jeff and I all bought them a waaaaaays back and dudde. Its cheap and flimsy, but I wanna make out with it all the time. I'm going to shoot you next weekend with my holga, k?

Alli said @ 03/11/2005 08:24 AM PST

heheh, holga rocks. you ever try gluing the shutter disc open? lets ya do time exposures. you see that thing on PDN forum about digi holga? wild!

Joe said @ 03/11/2005 03:44 PM PST

Ah, but my Holga is from Holga Mods so it has a little thingamabober on it that you can pull out to hold the shutter open. You can also get them with tripod sockets and all other sorts of modifications.

Brooks said @ 03/11/2005 05:51 PM PST

i downloaded some shit on how to modify ours. Funny stuff, those Holgas. They only weigh like .2 oz.

Alli said @ 03/11/2005 11:47 PM PST



What's a holga?

Yeah I know I'm showing my ignorance here. But I wanna learn dammit, so teach me!


*big cheesy grin for effect*

Shannon said @ 03/12/2005 11:53 AM PST

No problem Shannon. A Holga is a cheap plastic toy camera that can shoot medium format (120) film. If you follow the "Holga Mods" link above, you can read all about them. It's a cheap, fun way to take pictures that have a certain fine art quality to them. Well, it takes more than clicking the shutter, but you know what I mean. :-)

Brooks said @ 03/15/2005 06:31 PM PST

Thank you Brooks!

Shannon said @ 03/16/2005 03:28 PM PST

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