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03/08/2005: "RIP Bob Kamps"

bob_kamps (96k image)

Legendary rock climber and friend dies at 73...

Well, I don't know if you could call him my friend because we never really hung out, but anyone who's ever had a conversation with Bob Kamps probably calls him a friend. He was that kind of guy, generous with his knowledge and always with a smile on his face. I met Bob bouldering at Stoney Point Park near my home and climbed and talked with him many times. The funny part is that this is really the only picture I could find that I took of him. At first I was disappointed, but then I realized that this is the angle most of us saw of him. He was also the kind of person that I didn't even think of bringing my camera out when we were talking. It never occurred to me for some reason. Anyway, Bob suffered a heart attack while climbing at a local rock gym. I hear that he turned to his belayer and asked to be lowered. I guess the only more fitting way would have been for it to happen a few thousand feet up a wall in Yosemite. You can read some very elegant words in his memory HERE.

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quite an inspiring guy - thanks

dar said @ 03/08/2005 11:11 PM PST

aw. You know some awesome people. You're blessed, Brooks.

Alli said @ 03/09/2005 12:49 AM PST

Great photo.

So many times we are so engrossed in the moment that we don't capture it on film to perserve it.

Enjoy the memories, those will be with you always. Photos, they get lost or fade due to neglect. So long as you treasure those memories, they will forever remain vivid.

I'm happy for you that you at least were able to be touched in some fashion or another by this man.

Have a great day!

Shannon said @ 03/09/2005 04:26 AM PST

A nice tribute. My condolences.

Susan B. said @ 03/09/2005 10:04 PM PST

I think this is exactly the kind of shot he would have approved of as a climber, he looks focused and able.

miles said @ 03/10/2005 07:38 AM PST

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