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03/04/2005: "Fashion?"

lupita (65k image)

I've never considered myself a fashion photographer...

Somewhat random thoughts: To be a truly good fashion photographer, it helps to know fashion. I'm wearing a t-shirt and jeans right now, and they're not what you would call "designer." This was shot the same day as the post below of Erin (same credits). I got an email from a semi famous set of twins the other day and it included pictures. One of the pictures was of just one of the girls and the file name was JulieorShawnie.jpg. It's funny because I know, they know, which one it is. Alli of Tof Reknin Day started a group blog that is full of lies. Go here and check it out. No Seriously...I Promise...Swear to God! Have a nice weekend folks.

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Say... what material is that backdrop? It's rad!

Christine said @ 03/04/2005 07:09 PM PST

mmm.. the thoughts i am having...

Ryan said @ 03/04/2005 11:37 PM PST

i'm dyeing my hair that color NOW

shark said @ 03/05/2005 06:10 PM PST

i dig those boots, yo. Hott.

Alli said @ 03/05/2005 06:33 PM PST

The background is brushed metal (with a little retouching on the seams).

Ryan, you making your cousin Marisa a little uncomfortable. :-)

Red is the new blonde!

I kinda dig those boots too, yo. Well, if I were a chick.

Brooks said @ 03/05/2005 09:08 PM PST

Ryan is gonna lose it when I start posting nudes on this thing. :-)

Brooks said @ 03/05/2005 09:10 PM PST

me too.

that is all.

Alli said @ 03/05/2005 11:47 PM PST

oh boy don't get me started!

Ryan said @ 03/06/2005 05:18 PM PST

Your models always look like they are glowing. It's such a wonderful and surreal effect.

Hey can you stop by my blog and leave a comment today? I'm doing a comment fundraiser for Greyhound Rescue. Thanks!!

panthergirl said @ 03/07/2005 05:08 AM PST

I checked your archive... I have to say I love your work. So sad you are in CA so far from Sweden, otherwise I was intres. to learn more from you

MoNa said @ 03/08/2005 12:26 PM PST

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