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02/23/2005: "Take Two"

robbie02 (30k image)

I've shown another image from this roll of film here before, but I like this one too.
Peace out!

camera/film: Hasselblad ELM, 150mm. Kodak T400CN.
lighting: Simple set up. Just a XS Chimera softbox below and to the right for the main light and an open head pointed at the floor for a little fill on the left. Tada!

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Love this!

panthergirl said @ 02/24/2005 11:03 AM PST

Is he wearing a skull ring? I hope to Jeebus that it is.

Orange said @ 02/24/2005 01:43 PM PST

I can like...smell your studio when I see stuff like this. Is it possible to feel slightly homesick for a place I've only been that once?

Alli said @ 02/24/2005 04:52 PM PST


Brooks said @ 02/24/2005 05:03 PM PST

K, then, I'm coming over again next weekend. Don't tell me no, fucker.

Alli said @ 02/25/2005 07:44 PM PST

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