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02/21/2005: "Here's lookin in yer ear."

NP3ear (68k image)

The blonde model's dad is my age...
models: Kassidy Marley (Otto Models) Katheryn Rice (Ford Models)
makeup and hair: Adrienne Herbert
nails: Lysa Comfort
styling: Jeffrey Lindsay Relf (Fashion Office)
retouching: Michael Block

So I'm looking through this model's portfolio and I notice a familiar location from my hometown. I ask if it's the same place and she says "Ya, my dad used to go there when he was like nine." So I say, "Oh, really, how old is your dad?" Her answer, "40." Ok, although I'm sure I've shot models who have parents close to my age, this was the first time it hit me like a ton of bricks. She just turned 18 and she could be my daughter. I'm officially old.

camera: Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II digital. Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L @ 40mm.
lighting: The main light is a Elinchrom Octa Lite directly behind me. The background is lit with two Speedotron heads with umbrellas and there are Speedotron heads with 11" reflectors covered with Xenophone diffusers on both sides of the set pointing back towards the camera and models.

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How old is she, 25? Yikes.

Em said @ 02/21/2005 07:33 PM PST

LOVE the pictures from that shoot, Brooks! Some day, you'll have to share the picture from the cover too (thermometer). It's a really great picture. See you tomorrow.

Elaine the Nail Artist said @ 02/21/2005 08:26 PM PST

I first read this as, "the blonde model is my dad's age." I stared at her for a full minute trying to figure out how the hell she could be in her 60s or more! LOL! Hey, give me a break, it's early and I suffer from insomnia.

FoFuSa said @ 02/21/2005 08:59 PM PST

Ha! I remember well sitting in your studio hearing about how her dad is your age. Moreover, I remember sitting in your studio thinking that even though she's young, at least she's 18, cuz I was lusting after her.

that is all.

Alli said @ 02/22/2005 12:46 AM PST

Oh man we're old! I still have problems with going into a store and having the cashier call me sir. Even worse when they ask you if you need help to your car!

Little whipper snappers

Jeff A said @ 02/22/2005 03:00 AM PST

Hey, I'm just wondering, but why are their arms a darker color than everywhere else? Their hands look really white in comparison. Is it just the lighting or did you do something to their hands/arms?

Melike said @ 02/22/2005 07:15 AM PST

Well, the girl on the right is just darker over all. I don't think there's a big difference in her arms hands and face. It's there, but it's not distracting to me. The other girls hands are lighter because they are both turned towards the light. The one arm is obviously not geting much light because it's between the two models, but the other is just aimed away from all of the lights. It's basically the same thing that is happening on her gold fingernails, just at a lesser degree because her arms aren't as shiny. Does that make sense?

Brooks said @ 02/22/2005 07:52 AM PST


Alli said @ 02/22/2005 08:51 PM PST

she's 18? gimme her number!

Ryan said @ 02/23/2005 04:54 PM PST

No Problem. Here it is:
(310) 217-7638

Brooks said @ 02/23/2005 06:15 PM PST

I *also* thought it said "the blonde model is my dad's age*.

40...nothing. Wait 'til you're turning FIFTY. Apparently you become dyslexic.

panthergirl said @ 02/24/2005 11:02 AM PST

that number goes to one of those 900-talk-dirty numbers, right?

Ryan said @ 02/24/2005 06:08 PM PST

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