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02/15/2005: "Portrait of a Mallman."

brianm5eyes (59k image)

This is graphic designer and illustrator Brian Mallman. His brother is Minneapolis rock star Mark Mallman...

Back in September, Mark performed a 52.4 hour long song. Live. That is not a typo! You can read about it on his site. Today, I have a special treat for you, my loyal readers. Well, I don't have the 52 hour song for you to download because, well, that would take a while now wouldn't it. I do have a demo of an unreleased song of Mark's called "The Job" though. Click here to download The Job. (edited. Oops! You had your chance. Here's a different song. CLICK HERE.)

camera: Canon 10D
lighting: Speedotron head with 20" reflector covered with a Xenophone Diffuser on the right and a Speedotron head with a 10 grid spot on the left. I used the grid on the left because I didn't want any light to spill onto Brian's hand so it would go a dark on one side and give the face more impact.

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Brooks, I am loving the photographs. I swear I will get a good one of me taken like that one day!!

your blog is great!

mortisha8 said @ 02/15/2005 10:43 PM PST

Cool shot, and an equally cool song! Thanks

Jeff A said @ 02/16/2005 01:06 PM PST

i want an eyeball on my forehead

shark said @ 02/16/2005 06:05 PM PST

i want an eyeball on my forehead

shark said @ 02/16/2005 06:05 PM PST

and apparenlty i really mean it!

shark said @ 02/16/2005 06:06 PM PST

she just likes the "echo" effect, dude

Alli said @ 02/16/2005 10:37 PM PST

and she likes to spell "apparenlty" all skee-wompus

Alli said @ 02/16/2005 10:37 PM PST

All's it takes Shark is a really good permanent marker. All's it takes Shark is a really good permanent marker.

Brooks said @ 02/16/2005 10:39 PM PST

you are so cool.

thode said @ 02/17/2005 11:30 AM PST

I think its cool how when you try to comment on the latest photo (above, that sexy lady one) it sends you to the silly photo of your crew, Brooks. Its like a little game of "smack hands" where you try to click really fast and it hurries and changes before you can hit "post comment"

whew, I've had my exercise for the year.

Alli said @ 02/17/2005 11:00 PM PST

Woh! That was trippy! I fixed it. It seems that you have to close those pesky tags for them to work properly. :-)

Brooks said @ 02/18/2005 07:42 AM PST

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