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02/02/2005: "Another Cowboy"

kevinsmith (33k image)

Former Dallas Cowboy Kevin Smith...

Quick post today folks. Not much to say. I'm in a hurry to go see my Lily before she goes to bed. See all of the crew and tech info on this earlier post.

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WOW! you are a VERY talented chap.

But then again - you don't need me to point that out to you.

Lord of Doom said @ 02/02/2005 09:48 PM PST

I love how the ring is the same size as the watch face.

Gilday said @ 02/03/2005 05:27 AM PST

Just in time for the Super Bowl! :-)

As Gilday pointed out, the symmetry of the watch and the ring is interesting.

Maura said @ 02/03/2005 12:20 PM PST

He's pretty hot yo. PS, kiss that lily for me. I got kisses on the lips from her, and that made my heart burst into forty gazillion pieces! sad I miss Ol' McDonald in a bbq joint...

Alli said @ 02/03/2005 08:00 PM PST


If those rings were to get any bigger, they'd need a wheelbarrel to haul them around in! Not to mention it would take 2 grown men and 1 small child to hold up his hand to show it off.

After a time, excess and bragging rights are just that....too much.

But hell that's a damn good shot!

Shannon said @ 02/05/2005 05:54 AM PST

Hello Brooks! Thanks for stopping by the TOWER. Man do you have a great eye. I am an amateur at being an amateur photog, just for fun, and I am in awe. Kev looks good. Gotta love those Superbowl rings. I heard that they have to be careful when they are at the airport cause the "bling" can blind pilots on take off. Nah I just made that up! You have been rolled...blogrolled that is! See you again soon.

DJ J said @ 02/05/2005 02:04 PM PST

Someone pointed me out to this website and I must say, I love your work.


Frank Doorhof said @ 02/11/2005 02:32 AM PST

Thanks Everyone. Seeing a Supoerbowl ring in a picture is nothing compared to seeing it live. You have to take into account how big some of these guy's fingers are in the first place. I could fit most of them around my big toe.

Brooks said @ 02/12/2005 06:43 PM PST

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