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02/01/2005: "Last Eyeball Photo For A While... I Promise."

NP0904coloreye (73k image)

It was getting a little moody around here so I thought I'd lighten it up a bit...
model: Astrid (Nous Models)
makeup: Lisa VanHecke
nails: Christina Gonzales
retouching: Daniel Ferguson

If you're new around here, this is from a shoot that I've posted a couple other picture from before. Look HERE and HERE.

Look HERE for the technical details.

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ooo for seriously, I love that pink eyeliner! Oh yeah, loved that one of mike you emailed me baby!

Miss you guys...

Alli said @ 02/01/2005 09:24 PM PST

Nice pic. Cool make-up. And, just because I'm your annoying baby sister, I'll go ahead and point-out the typo in your post...can you find it??? =)

meghan said @ 02/01/2005 10:33 PM PST

There are no typos! anymore.

Brooks said @ 02/01/2005 11:18 PM PST

Best site ever.
OH my goodness, I love your work ! Please have 150$ blogging dollars for being so talented.

Would you like to donate a picture for your fans and auction it on the hall.
You have some great work?

email me if u get time.
I can post an image and a link to here, my site is getting lots of traffic

heroinegirl said @ 02/02/2005 12:01 AM PST


Alli said @ 02/02/2005 01:02 AM PST

Good eye, bro. Wait, that has double meaning in this case.

meghan said @ 02/02/2005 11:39 AM PST

ok your listed, fine. smile

heroinegirl said @ 02/02/2005 09:23 PM PST

Don't threaten us with no more eyeball photos - I want MORE, dammit!!! smile

I hope to win your auction over at Heroinegirl's!

Aurorealis said @ 02/03/2005 10:25 AM PST

Amazing pix - I caught your "guest shot" over at pesky'apostrophe and stopped in.

Too bad I'm not geographically acceptable for your project - I'm in Atlanta - and certainly not good-looking like your eyeball models. Heh.

Elisson said @ 02/03/2005 01:54 PM PST

Very awesome picture!! smile

Angie said @ 02/09/2005 03:41 PM PST

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