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01/27/2005: "Chillin' Like Bob Dylan"

charlie01 (47k image)

My favorite part of this shoot was the set I built...

Seriously, I wish I had a picture of just the set. It was killer. Brushed aluminum floors and big curved backlit plastic wall. Fun stuff. I left it up for about a week in hopes of using it again, but never got the chance. Aaanyway, this was shot for Giovanni, a hair care products company. The model, Charlie Koznick, is the brother of World Cup Skier Kristina Koznick.

camera/film: Hasselblad ELM, 150mm. Fuji Astia 100F.
lighting: Lots of lights! The background is lit with Speedotron heads with 7" reflectors and blue gels. The model has three grid spots surrounding his head, one on each side and one directly overhead to make the hair all shiny. These are all set slightly behind the mode and pointing back at him towards the camera. The main light is a Speedotron with a 22 inch reflector and a big grid. That's where the falloff of light on the front of the model comes from.

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And my favorite part is the man sitting in the chair. Yummy! smile

Hilary said @ 01/27/2005 06:54 PM PST

mmmmm, brushed aluminum. I just put brushed aluminum lamps in my house and brushed aluminum knobs on my cabinets and doors.

oh yeah, the model's hot too. I just cut my 8 year old son's hair like that. He thinks he's so cute now...too bad he totally is.

Alli said @ 01/27/2005 08:22 PM PST

What set?! lol Just joking smile. You do beautiful work.

Cassiopeia said @ 01/27/2005 10:20 PM PST

Mmmmmm... Yummy. Beautiful portrait Brooks.

Jenny said @ 01/28/2005 09:36 AM PST

Me-ow...who's your friend? heh. He's probably an asshole.

That's right, I judged.

Megan said @ 01/28/2005 01:59 PM PST

Great photograph Brooks. Good lighting and composition. However, maybe it's just me, but he doesn't impress me much. Just from the look of it, I get the impression that he doesn't have much of a personality.

Now all the other girls are gonna hate me lol. I dig on a guy who shows his personality, whether it be in his eyes or his smile or a combination of the two. Body language is everything. His says he's bored and not having a good time.

Yikes! I'll shut up now. *blush*

Love the work, just not the model.

Shannon said @ 01/29/2005 07:36 PM PST

who IS he?

melina said @ 02/06/2005 01:41 PM PST

oh, i'm sorry...i didn't expand the post...never mind!

melina said @ 02/06/2005 01:42 PM PST

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