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01/17/2005: "Bacardi Brooks"

bacardi02 (65k image)

No, that's not my nickname at parties...

That's this man's actual name. Cardi and I go way back. This was shot way back too. I was going for the boxer feel and think he looks pretty menacing in this photo. Those who know him, know the real truth. I know he lurks sometimes, so let's see if this draws him out to make a comment.

camera/film: Hasselblad, 150mm. Kodak Tri-X 100.
lighting: One open head with a frosted acetate diffuser.
post: This was obviously shot in Black and White, but colorized in Photoshop.

Replies: 7 have commented

Love the look of the photo, I have never been able to get mine to look that good when I colorize them.

Yes he does look a bit menacing doesn't he!

Jeff A said @ 01/17/2005 01:33 PM PST

My first thought was "Boxer," so I'd say it worked. :-)

Maura said @ 01/17/2005 05:34 PM PST


He's not a boxer? Coulda fooled me.

You have such fun pictures, what I love about your blog is that you give a back story to each photo which makes the photos even more fun. Thank you so much for sharing.

Shannon said @ 01/17/2005 09:22 PM PST

I hear he has the eyes of a fly.

brian said @ 01/17/2005 09:48 PM PST

"You are thinking of a number between one and a hundred...hmmm...yes, I see it now...it's 77! Is it 77?"

meghan said @ 01/17/2005 10:30 PM PST

This is true Brian, and also a wall of nuts. Sorry for the inside jokes everyone.

Brooks said @ 01/17/2005 10:46 PM PST

SUCH a compelling shot...just love your work!!

panthergirl said @ 01/19/2005 03:37 PM PST

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