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01/13/2005: "Boycott Fake Polaroid Borders!"

krystalk03 (56k image)

Just a little pet peeve of mine. The rough borders on the image above are real...
model: Krystal Kitchen
makeup and hair: Rachel McBride
styling: Kat Smith

I hate it when I see an image with similar borders to the ones above and the image is square. These borders come from Type 55 Polaroid. This film comes in one size. 4"x5." No squares.

Anyway, this is Krystal and the portrait was shot at the end of a shoot for a small publication called Exabode aimed at college students that I think is no longer around. It's one of my favorites because I can see something in her eyes that I didn't see at all that day and I hope she's happier in life than the feelings that this image provoke.

camera/film: Horseman LX 4x5, Schneider 360mm 6.8 Symmar-S. Polaroid Type 55 P/N
lighting: Mole Richardson Junior Solar Spot 2K with a 4x4 ft. diffuser.

Replies: 16 have commented

Ah yes, but how would we know unless you told us?

Houser said @ 01/14/2005 03:02 AM PST

She does look soulful in this photo...

Swt GA HunnyB said @ 01/14/2005 08:43 AM PST

... and so is the gorgeaousness of this photo!! My favorite so far...

rock grrrl said @ 01/14/2005 02:19 PM PST

...and so is the gorgeousness of this photo!! My favorite so far...

meghan said @ 01/14/2005 04:28 PM PST

That can not be her name.

thode said @ 01/14/2005 06:45 PM PST

I love the way you lit this frame.

I dunno if you noticed...

Her pupils are dialated unevenly. Makes for a very interesting effect.

Shannon said @ 01/14/2005 09:49 PM PST

Beautiful girl and photo.

Fat Free Milk said @ 01/15/2005 03:47 PM PST

I agree with you. Why add a fake boarder...let the photo be what it is. I also agree that her eyes are intriguing. The non-symmetry speaks to beauty without perfection. Great portrait.

matt said @ 01/16/2005 07:49 AM PST

One of my favorites of yours so far...

Megan said @ 01/16/2005 08:30 AM PST

One of mine, too. Simple and lovely.

Broad said @ 01/17/2005 12:36 PM PST

Thanks folks. Yes that is her name. I hadn't noticed the pupil thing, but I'm sure it's just a function of the light being pretty close to that side of her face.

Brooks said @ 01/17/2005 10:57 PM PST

What an great portrait, I love the rough edges, John at orbit1 has been posting some polaroid portraits with wonderful edges too.

miles said @ 01/18/2005 10:22 AM PST

where have i seen her before?

copygodd said @ 01/18/2005 10:32 PM PST

Her pupils are huge...which means it was either dark in the room when you took it, or she dug you, my friend. I'm not sure how much Mrs. Brooks would be into that..

Megan said @ 01/19/2005 08:43 PM PST

Wonderful shots shared here. This one really caught my eye. Do you use depth of field or a soft focus vingette over the lens? The crisp face and softness all over is really nice.

scott said @ 01/27/2005 10:40 PM PST

The shallow depth of field you see in this image is from tilting the front lens board on the 4x5 view camera forward to throw the plane of focus off.

Brooks said @ 01/28/2005 05:06 PM PST

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