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12/23/2004: "Feathers And Nails"

np904a (64k image)

Diana is one of my favorites. That's her looking down at you from my header...
model: Diana Chavez (Photogenics)
makeup: Lisa VanHecke

I need to contact her and see if she wants to test with me (we've only shot together on jobs). This was done for Nailpro Magazine. I don't do a lot of magazine work, but the publisher that does this magazine is one of my biggest clients. I hope it stays that way for a while because I like working with them. The problem is that they are starting to bring more and more photography in house. This makes me nervous as I shoot for four of their magazines on a regular basis. My friend Rudy also shoots for them.

camera/film: Hassleblad, 150mm. Fuji Astia 100F.
lighting: Because it was a close-up, the client wasn't too concerned with the lighting. They just wanted to see all of the detail. I decided that it would look nicer if the "catch lights" in the models eyes (reflections of the light source) had a soft edge instead of the hard edge that you get from a soft box or open head. The setup is basically two 4x4 foot scrims set in a "V" with the small opening in the front for the lens. One Speedotron head with a light sox diffuser was setup behind each scrim so that the hard edge of the light would be softened by the diffused material on the scrims. The farther you place the lights from the scrim, the softer the light. I found a picture of it. LOOK.

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Very, very cool picture. Those nails almost make me say "ow" as much as the guy below with the piercings. Almost, but not quite!

The photo of the lighting setup was interesting because the mind fills in the part of the picture you can't see and you imagine that the outfit she'd be wearing would be something befitting the outrageous look...not a beige tanktop!

Maura said @ 12/24/2004 01:33 AM PST

Woah. Thats cool. Can I wear my eye makeup like that all the time?

Alli said @ 12/29/2004 11:53 AM PST

simply exquisite...very rich photograph. the make-up is nicely done. love it!!

slurpee said @ 01/01/2005 09:20 PM PST

Excellent picture! The contrast of the metallic blue nails, her skin and the feather eye lash is very cool, almost like she is other-worldly, like some creature from a fantasy novel.

Steve said @ 01/03/2005 08:28 AM PST

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