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12/13/2004: "Of Friends And Discontinued Film"

lisaagfa1000 (46k image)

Lisa was a great friend of mine and I haven't heard from her in a long time...

Speaking of things I miss, the film used here was 35mm Agfachrome 1000. Oh, how I loved this stuff. The grain was perfect (if you like lots of it) and it held up great under all kinds of lighting conditions.
camera/film: Canon EOS 1, 50mm 1.4 wide open, Agfachrome 1000.
lighting: This was shot with a Chimera Super Pro XS lightbox and because of the high speed of the film, the only light is the glow of the halogen modeling lamp (no strobe fired). The color comes from shooting daylight balanced film with the halogen source.

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When you hear from her again, ask her to give me a call as well. Seriously though, I love how grainy the shot is and how her beauty radiates through the grain.

Houser said @ 12/13/2004 10:49 AM PST

Wow, what a fantastic photo. Can you make me look like that? ;-)

Maura said @ 12/13/2004 02:52 PM PST


Willful Expose said @ 12/13/2004 06:47 PM PST

This is a great portrait with warm color. I like this picture.

mountainbread said @ 12/13/2004 07:18 PM PST

Thanks everyone!

No problem Houser. If I hear from her, I'll give her your number. :-)

Well Maura, If you look close to this to start with, then I can totally make you look like this. I know you're kidding a bit, but you have no idea how many people think I'm a magician instead of a photographer.

Brooks said @ 12/13/2004 07:36 PM PST

I have a confession, Lisa called numerous times and everytime I told her you were gone on a shoot. Finally, the last time, I told her you died in a horrible accident. That's why you haven't heard from her! I'm terribly sorry....

Uhh, actually the message is from Wes - hah! Sorry, the temptation was too great. Need to go to confession for that one!

Brook's Wife said @ 12/14/2004 07:02 AM PST

Damn, why did I cut my hair? Because I look just like her! Can you book me in for a session? I need a book for my hubby for Xmas. ;-)

Riri said @ 12/14/2004 07:58 AM PST

Cool, I really need to get some new lighting myself. I want to try something new, I just have no idea what yet!

Jeff A said @ 12/14/2004 11:54 AM PST

Well, damn, there goes that fantasy. *sigh* No, I look nothing like her whatsoever and if you're really not a magician, I guess I'm SOL. But it is a magical-looking photo. :-)

Maura said @ 12/14/2004 12:38 PM PST

~striking model, and I/eye appreciate how you composed her in the frame, very appealing visually...especially the eyes...I never shot a ton of color film, so I am a bit unfamilar w/ the Agfachrome 1000...most of my film, if not all, is b&w, Ilford flavors and TMAX...~

bttezra said @ 12/14/2004 12:40 PM PST

omg she's my twin!

Alli said @ 12/14/2004 12:46 PM PST

And Ali, your number is?

Brooks, any chance you have more work from this shoot you can show us?

Houser said @ 12/15/2004 07:55 AM PST

This is the only thing I have scanned. I might have to dig a bit. It's actually fun digging up the older stuff and showing it. The studio is very busy right now, so maybe I'll revisit later.

Brooks said @ 12/15/2004 08:03 AM PST

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