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12/10/2004: "Mr. Pizza"

pizza (90k image)

That's a nickname. It's a long story.

Back when we used to use darkrooms... remember those? I did this shot with a little help from a spanish to english dictionary and a xerox machine. First I enlarged and copied the pages I wanted from the dictionary onto clear pages. I did it a few times so the text would get a little rougher. Then I used those on top of the photographic paper in the darkroom along with a piece of frosted acetate that I had taken a little sand paper to. By doing the exposure in multiple "pops" I could layer the different pieces of acetate to get different effects. Sounds like fun huh? Well, now we do all that in Photoshop and it's not nearly as fun anymore. You do smell better when you're done though. Sorry if you thought this was going to be the story of how Phil got the name Mr. Pizza.

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Absolutely beautiful pic, big bro'o'mine!

meghan said @ 12/10/2004 04:05 PM PST

A textured Mr Bojangles to me. Really enjoy the variety on your site!

Charles Bryant said @ 12/11/2004 06:31 AM PST

Thanks folks. Just thought I'd stop by from the parking lot of the Shilo Inn in Oakhurst, California. It's kinda fun driving around with your laptop on the passenger seat looking for WiFi networks.

Brooks said @ 12/11/2004 01:50 PM PST

Oh, there's one little detail I forgot to mention about this picture and only the photographers reading will have any idea what I'm talking about. The "hat" on Mr. Pizza's head is actually a 10" Norman strobe head reflector.

Brooks said @ 12/11/2004 01:53 PM PST

That's a sweet shot man, especially if it's all darkroom created! I'd love to see the original portrait too, it looks like a great shot in its own right.

miles said @ 12/11/2004 03:26 PM PST

This is a great picture. I like it a lot!

Marina said @ 12/12/2004 10:06 AM PST

Thanks! It's all darkroom except for the color. The original print is untoned black and white. I may have done a little burning in Photoshop too, which I could have done in the dark, but my tastes change over time.

Brooks said @ 12/13/2004 07:46 AM PST

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