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12/08/2004: "Portrait Of A Photographer"

nrobot (39k image)

Of course that would be Robbie from Forbidden Planet. Chris has been shooting celebrities for a long time and he's been doing it from a wheelchair. I don't know how comfortable he would be with me telling the world that, but I did, so there. Oh, and I did his website.

camera/film: Hasselblad, 150mm, Kodak Tri-X
lighting:One Speedotron head with Chimera XS SuperPro softbox below and to the right. I don't remember what I used on the left, but I know I let it spill onto the background too. It's basically just lighting the robot a little to fill the shadows.

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Beautifully lit, but what I particularly like is Robbie the Robot - Forbidden Planet is one of my favourite films :-)

djn1 said @ 12/08/2004 04:17 PM PST

I thought the Robot was from Lost in Space! Shows you what I know.... Anyway, good shot as usual. I try to vote daily for your website. Don't know about the competition - What's up with Chroma? Me's like your Blog!

Wes said @ 12/08/2004 05:11 PM PST

The "Chroma" is the blog of the first commentator djn1. We're like interweb pen pals now. He's clearly kicking my ass in the competition, but he's like the king o' the photo blogs, so I feel honored to get my ass kicked by such a true champion. That doesn't mean I don't still want to beat him though. :-)

Brooks said @ 12/08/2004 06:12 PM PST

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