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12/05/2004: "Top 10 Winter Songs."

As a finalist in the 2004 Weblog Awards (click on that link to vote for me), I've decided to put this month's music list into an extended entry.

Here we go.

10) Silent Night - The Dickies
Pure genius! The Dickies loved this sort of mockery.
9) Winter - Tori Amos
I wanted a song on my list that Sven could relate too. :-)
8) Snowblind - Black Sabbath
Dude! Sabbath! Crystal world with winter flowers. Turns my day to frozen hours. Lying snowblind in the sun. Will my ice age ever come? Of course this song realy doesn't have anything to do with winter no matter how you try to justify the lyrics.
7) Don't Eat the Yellow Snow - Frank Zappa
Oh, come on! You know you like this one too. "Watch out where the huskies go, and donít you eat that yellow snow."
6) Rain - Tones On Tail
One of my favorite 80's bands. When most people were still worshiping Eddie Van Halen as their guitar god, I was worshipping Daniel Ash. For the most part, Tones On Tail was Bauhaus with Glenn Campling (a Bauhaus roadie) and without Peter Murphy.
5) Winter Kills - Yazoo
A lost classic. I had totally forgotten about this song until I started looking at CD's trying to find songs for this list. I hadn't listened to it in a long time, and hearing it again was magic.
4) Things I Want - Sum 41 Vs. Tenacious D
Pure 80's Judas Priest style metal Christmas song with Jack Black's lyrical genius.
3) Santa's in a Wheelchair - Kids of Widney High
This is the most horrible song ever written, but I laugh every time I hear it.
2) Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses
A classic of my era. This was a goofy new wave band that had a couple great, silly songs. This one is their best.
1) Suzy Snowflake - Soul Coughing
Short, but sweet. Just a fun little ditty. Yes, I said ditty.

More music lists by the usual suspects.
I'll edit these links as people post their winter lists.

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Replies: 4 have commented

Black Sabbath!? That's even better than my Judas Priest entry!

chele said @ 12/06/2004 03:24 AM PST

Congratulations smile

xupacabras said @ 12/06/2004 09:08 AM PST

I will definitely vote for you.

Willful Expose said @ 12/07/2004 03:49 PM PST

hey!!!! i can relate to other songs... i was thinking Driving Sideways by Aimee Mann for my list... such a winter song...

sven said @ 12/09/2004 02:07 PM PST

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