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11/29/2004: "Robota"

puffyshoulders22 (44k image)

This image looks kinda silly when it's out of context. It was part of a fashion story in a magazine and the girl was a sort of "Queen of the robots." On second thought, context doesn't help much. :-) The image on my header is from the same shoot. The interior shots were heavily retouched to give them a more surreal feel. My toy robot collection was used as props.
model: Diana
makeup and hair: Karen Faye
styling: Karie L. Frost

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I think you got what you went out for... what ever that may be.

The only problem I see the angle of her thumb a long with the 2" nail it has attached makes her look like she has no thumbs but five regular fingers.

I would have to see the rest of the spread, but ar Queens supposed to be on top? the robot seems like it's controlling her.

Mona said @ 11/29/2004 02:51 PM PST

Ahh the beauty of long nails. It was for Nailpro magazine so that's the way they want the nails.
As far as the story, the last shot is of her feet crushing a robot, so this little guy may have thought he was in control, but unfortunately, the robots lose this time.

Brooks said @ 11/29/2004 04:45 PM PST

Beautiful photograph Brooks.

Rick Miller said @ 11/29/2004 04:49 PM PST

Robot crushing Queen. I see. I'll have to ask you some advice for beauty shot when I take that class next year.


Mona said @ 11/29/2004 05:38 PM PST

looks good to me.
btw, i rectified the non-nomination snafu. and i apologized for all the web to see.

check it here.

copygodd said @ 11/29/2004 08:34 PM PST

It's so cool that those are your own robots.

Willful Expose said @ 11/29/2004 09:24 PM PST

pull the plug

a concerned friend said @ 11/29/2004 11:40 PM PST


Your toy robot was used...hmmm. Could this be some subconcious level idea of yours in which, you as the robot, wish to be in control of her? Yet, in the end, a woman like this would merely crush you under her foot?
Now I understand the true meaning of this shot! I guess that abnormal psychology class I took so long ago paid-off in spades after all! wink

Wes said @ 11/30/2004 07:27 AM PST

Pull the plug? Wha?

meghan said @ 11/30/2004 12:51 PM PST

Meghan, That's a friend telling me to get off of the internet and get some work done. Her prodding is welcome. I just want to tell "concerned friend" that I printed out my targets for my printer profiles last night so I'm a day ahead of schedule. :-)

Brooks said @ 11/30/2004 01:19 PM PST

She's hot and I love the position of her pelvis, great pic........

Robota-fan said @ 11/30/2004 01:49 PM PST

Awesome photograph, the colors are nice.

Christine said @ 11/30/2004 02:43 PM PST

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