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11/19/2004: "Do Germans Have A Thing For Spartacus?"

kirkdog (34k image)

I just got a royalty check in the mail from my photo agency Shooting Star and it seems that three different magazines in Germany had licensed the use of some of my Kirk Douglas images this summer. One of them Neue Revue paid a larger than average fee, which means it may have appeared on the cover. Anyone out there from Germany and know of this mag? Anyway, the story behind this shot is that the shoot was for a small company that some how talked Kirk into being photographed as part of a testimonial for their services. I shot the whole job from across the pool at Kirk's Beverly Hills home with his two dogs and wife sitting on a chair. Now, going into this day, I was determined to get a close up for myself, so when Kirk decided the shoot was over, I asked him politely if I could just shoot a few more frames and when he said yes, I ran over to his side of the pool and moved the light a bit. Just as I was about to start, he got down on the ground with his dog and started kissing him on the nose as the dog licked his face. I got two frames, one with the dog licking him and this one. It was originally shot in color, but I made it black and white for this post just to change it up a bit since it's also on my portfolio site.
grooming: Yolanda Halston
Hasselblad/150mm/Fuji Provia 100F

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I love this photo.

rock grrrl said @ 11/19/2004 02:48 PM PST

another beautiful shot...too bad about the "we'll leave the light on for ya, vacancy" thing goin on there though. there is more happening in the dog's eyes......

dar said @ 11/20/2004 07:58 PM PST

It's hard to tell, but he is looking directly at me. It was a little hard to concentrate while shooting him, but I put my trust in him. He has obviously had his picture taken many many times and I'm sure was watching me as closely as I was watching him.

Brooks said @ 11/20/2004 10:34 PM PST

Oh, and he was quite aware and conversational. A very nice guy even though he didn't know me from Adam.

Brooks said @ 11/20/2004 10:35 PM PST

BRAVO B...R...A...V...O!!!
That was so exciting I almost peed my pants.



mark said @ 11/21/2004 06:10 AM PST

Welcome Mark (not to be confused with the Mark from R80o). Mark here is one of my biggest fans. As a matter of fact, he's called this my "little snap shot blog" and my "vanity blog" in another blog's comments. He likes to criticize me for mentioning that I shot the photographs that I show here. After pulling some quotes from my blog he had this to say:

"They are from Brook's little vanity blog. Hey Brooks you must be a real blast at family reunions. Bet you set up the old slide show of your last vacation post haste. Family members must run for cover. Way to clear a room guy."

Anyway, he's been reading my blog for a while now and even though he loves to bash me and this was only his first comment, he's one of my most loyal readers. Oh, and he has mentioned me by name on numerous occasions, but has only spelled my name correctly once.

Brooks said @ 11/21/2004 12:23 PM PST

Hey maybe you should do this photography stuff for a living, you seem to have a knack for it! ;-)

Jeff A said @ 11/21/2004 02:26 PM PST

Vanity blog...right. As opposed to...what? A self-deprication blog? What kind of sense would it make for a photographer to have a blog ( a web log, i.e., online opinion page and diary ) to have not put photos up that he had shot? How would people know that you were really a photographer? If it's what you do, and do well, might I add, there is nothing vain in talking about your work. It's called pride in a job well done, Mr. Passive-Aggresive Mark...maybe you should be a little more "silently jealous of talent-observer" and a little less "try to kill the president to impress Jodi Foster-stalker".

meghan said @ 11/21/2004 05:17 PM PST

i love you brooks...I seriously do

Alli said @ 11/24/2004 11:23 PM PST

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