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11/10/2004: "Don't Let Me Shoot Your Kicker."

richiec (51k image)

I shot this picture of Richie Cunningham when he was the kicker for the Dallas Cowboys back in '98. Soon after this photo shoot, he started missing... a lot. I'm just saying.
grooming: Yolanda Halston
styling: Lisa Oliver

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okay, you have to understand that i don't know football from cricket, but... richie cunningham? like happy days, the fonz and mrs. c?

his parents must not have liked him very much, is all i'm saying. wink

heather said @ 11/10/2004 07:55 PM PST

He probably got tired of the all-american boy persona. Richie Cunningham...football. Yeah, he went screaming headlong into a biker bar and decided to go rebel! LOL

Swt GA HunnyB said @ 11/11/2004 05:21 AM PST

Did you notice anything possibly unusual about this photo? The same question was brought about in regards to President Bush during his debates....Curious... Well, it is obvious that Brooks was purposely shooting the picture this way to indicate that Richie is a lightweight!
Yep, look at the picture, don't you find it a bit unusual, suspect, that to his right of his body is the word - LITE. Symbolic no doubt of Richie being a lightweight. This was the picture, no doubt, that put him over the top, and the word was out.
Brooks, you ruined the man's career!!! wink

Wes said @ 11/11/2004 09:08 AM PST

He probably should have been wearing cleats. Or at least sneakers. No wonder he started missing so much.

mike said @ 11/11/2004 02:06 PM PST

I'm sure he went through hell in school with that name. At least they didn't call him Ayatohla Ayola.
I knew showing that sign was a bad idea!
I was wondering about the shoes when he was practicing and kept falling on his ass. :-)

Brooks said @ 11/11/2004 02:45 PM PST

I don't know him, but he's HOT! Damn, I am married!

Riri said @ 11/15/2004 11:45 AM PST

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