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11/08/2004: "Reptiles and Samurai"

Chris5501 (54k image)

This is Chris. He cuts my hair. He also cuts Marisa's hair, and also Meghan's. I was listening to my iPod and "Reptiles and Samurai" by Oingo Boingo came on and it reminded me of this picture. I have no idea why. My mind can't always be bothered with such petty things like logic. Although you wouldn't know it by my hair (he's a artists, not a magician) Chris is a genius with a pair of shears. This was shot on Type 55 Polaroid and flash solarized during development. That's how the evil gets in there!

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Dude, my hairdresser's a hotie...an evil hotie, but one none the less.

meghan said @ 11/08/2004 07:10 PM PST

I love Oingo Boingo's Dead Man Party, hell I love Danny Elfman period. I also think your hairdresser is fucking HOT!

Alli said @ 11/09/2004 07:55 AM PST

And NOT gay!

Brooks said @ 11/09/2004 11:13 AM PST

Not that there's anything wrong with that. :-)

Brooks said @ 11/09/2004 11:13 AM PST

Evil is good. Also, he looks like my boyfriend's cop friend, Chris. Coincidence?

Katie said @ 11/10/2004 07:22 PM PST

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