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11/08/2004: "Senility and Litter."

Just a quick post about something odd I saw this morning. I was driving down the street when up ahead I saw an old man limping into the street. It looked as if he was going to cross the street, but when he got to the second lane he threw a handful of trash on the ground and then turned around and limped back to the sidewalk. By this time, I was slowing down so I wouldn't run him over. I'm still puzzled by what I saw.

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It wasn't trash man. That was your ticker tape parade! And after all the planning I went to thats how you treat me, bleh. Next time I will let him leave the food scraps in it! :-)

Jeff A said @ 11/09/2004 03:44 AM PST

My birthday is in August so the parade was a little late. Thanks though!

Brooks said @ 11/09/2004 11:53 AM PST

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