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11/05/2004: "This Place Needs Some Color."

testubes (69k image)

This is the still life that gets the most comments in my portfolio. It was shot for the client I've had longer than any other, Aware Products. They make private label beauty products, many of which you would think were made by the company that has it's name on the label. As a matter of fact, I had them produce little bottles of baby wash with Lily's name on them as birth announcments. There was only one colored (gelled) light used in this shot (the purple highlight on the left). All the other colors you see are there, although admittedly pumped up a bit in Photoshop.

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Hi, I just surfed in from BlogExplosion. Your site is beautiful! smile

jennifer and the beans said @ 11/06/2004 11:14 AM PST

Thanks Jennifer. I've been to your blog too. It's well written and gave me a little insight as to what I might expect in about five years when my girl is seven. Why are your comments disabled?

Brooks said @ 11/06/2004 02:14 PM PST

I like the photography! Very great colors and clarity in this particular one (came here from Riri's blog, you came to her via blog explosion).

Desiree said @ 11/07/2004 12:19 AM PST

I love all the colors...very nice!

Swt GA HunnyB said @ 11/08/2004 09:55 AM PST


heather said @ 11/09/2004 08:46 AM PST

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