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11/01/2004: "Julie and Shawnie. The Costello Twins"


I know I'm rehashing some images that are on my portfolio site, but I've been looking through some older stuff and thought it would be cool to put them over here. These are the Costello Twins, Shawnie and Julie. Some of the guys might know them as the Juggy Twins from the Man Show. This is another example of asking the subjects of a commercial shoot if they will sit for some personal work after the shoot is done. I just dragged one of the lights I had already set up over to a corner of the studio and shot one roll of black and white film on my Hasselblad. They were truly very nice people to work with. You can see the poster I shot that day over on my work page (last shot, third row).
makeup and hair: Terese Heddon

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Wow, this is one of those hard shots for me. Do I admire the great lighting and comp or do I drool over the girls? :-)

Jeff A said @ 11/02/2004 11:26 AM PST

Very impressive.

Michael said @ 11/02/2004 02:05 PM PST

great shot. much better than the picture of the spider i posted last month!

Theo said @ 11/03/2004 02:41 AM PST

Not better, just different. I looked at your spider picture and it's very cool. Take a look at Theo's spider picture everyone:

Brooks said @ 11/03/2004 07:23 AM PST

wow! you took the time to look. thanks!

Theo said @ 11/03/2004 04:15 PM PST

You've got yourself a well-written and interesting blog. I never knew anything about this world. A whaleman, at sea, spending time killing time, I appreciate the efforts like this (few/far between). My crew liked the picture of the twins, of course. Keep it up.

Gus Openshaw said @ 11/04/2004 06:51 PM PST

Anything to please the crew.

Brooks said @ 11/04/2004 08:50 PM PST

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