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10/29/2004: "It's All About The Eyes."

np504 (43k image)
This is a great example of how one person's opinion can influence everyone else. After the first round of retouching on the final shot for this job, someone said, "She has a big nose!" Well, it's not tiny, but it looks good to me (the lighting on this frame makes it look a little crooked if you can pry your eyes away from her eyes). Anyway, after that one person mentioned her nose, that's all anyone could see so they ended up retouching her face so much that the final shot doesn't even look like the same person. This particular frame was something I shot for myself after we were done with the client's stuff. The angle, orientation and lighting are quite different than the rest of the shoot. I try to shoot something personal whenever I get the chance at the end of a job.
makeup and hair: Karen Faye
styling: Karie L. Frost

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the eyes be gawwgeous.. I wouldn't have noticed the schnoz until you mentioned it...

Katie said @ 10/30/2004 10:30 PM PST

Dang nice work Brooks. I'd love to have a day of lighting lessons from you.

Michael B said @ 10/31/2004 01:41 PM PST

I couldn't be more impressed if I tried. Truly.

estella said @ 10/31/2004 08:08 PM PST

Thanks folks. I do it all for you!

Brooks said @ 10/31/2004 09:01 PM PST


I agree with Katie. I didn't notice her "nose" until you pointed it out. My eyes went directly to her eyes. Very nice!

Wes said @ 11/01/2004 11:44 AM PST

she's got a great nose. why are people so hung up on button noses? i love big noses, crooked noses, the works! her nose is amazing! so are those eyes. Great makeup work there, too.

styro said @ 11/01/2004 12:21 PM PST

The woman that did the makeup has been Michael Jackson's makeup artist ever since Thriller. People often cringe when I tell them I use her for makeup sometimes. She is a great makeup artist (and a cool friend). Imagine Michael without her.

Brooks said @ 11/01/2004 12:40 PM PST

Hey Brooks, thanks for stopping by my website and peeking inside my fridge! :-) I am so totally jealous of you that I am going to visit your blog every day and look at these gorgeous pictures.

Every minute of each day I dream about becoming a photographer. I also have a photoblog if you'd like to give me some advice or constructive (good or bad comments).

Anyway, bookmarked, now I can go to sleep! I think the "big nose" gives this photo a lot of character. Better than a cute button nose that would look fake ;-)

Riri said @ 11/01/2004 07:48 PM PST

i think she kinda looks like bridget fonda (think la femme nikita). beautiful girl - beautiful photo.

susannah said @ 11/02/2004 09:05 AM PST

Great Eyes

Tom said @ 11/02/2004 08:33 PM PST

She looks almost exactly like my mother. To the point that it is uncanny... But truly a beautiful shot. People need to realize that there are more types of beauty than just the one they are accustomed to.

Tamyu said @ 11/04/2004 06:52 PM PST

If it's a problem with the nose, why not increase your distance from the subject and use a longer lens? That will make the nose perspectively smaller.

In a way, the model is lucky; I know ex-models who, when their agency told them to smallify their nose or else, decided to quit modeling. (One of them became a schoolteacher, and learned to apply makeup to make herself UGLY, so she didn't turn on her boys every day...)

Solomon2 said @ 11/06/2004 10:36 PM PST

By the way:

Your compositional and color skills are really terrific! -- But sometime I'd like a "raw", non-PhotoShopped pic to see the difference.

Solomon2 said @ 11/06/2004 10:38 PM PST

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