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10/13/2004: "The Glamorous Job of a Photographer."

I know some of you think I lounge around every day shooting naked supermodels or, since I'm in Chatsworth, CA, porn "actresses," but this is the kind of thing that fills most of my photography days. Incredible isn't it?

group1 (15k image)

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tony said @ 10/13/2004 03:57 PM PST


UV said @ 10/13/2004 04:14 PM PST

Those naked models are MMM, MMM, good!

Dame! said @ 10/14/2004 08:04 AM PST

I had to have a teacher on set for the small bottle.

Brooks said @ 10/14/2004 08:27 AM PST


rock grrrl said @ 10/14/2004 03:31 PM PST

If you squint at that pic really hard, you can see cleavage.

rock grrrl said @ 10/14/2004 08:28 PM PST

Shit! You're right! I guess I just proved myself wrong. My work is glamorous.

Brooks said @ 10/14/2004 08:30 PM PST

And it's *still* better than my job.

Megan said @ 10/16/2004 12:55 PM PST

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