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10/07/2004: "Uncut, Unrated, Banned by the Label Indeed!"

About two minutes ago I viewed a music video that was both beautiful and grotesque. I'm not sure what part Interscope Records had a problem with. Was it the porn, the self mutilation, or the snorting of coke off of the bible? It doesn't take a sleuth to figure out that I just viewed a Marilyn Manson video. It was for the song (s)AINT. A couple weeks ago I heard Marilyn on my local morning show, Kevin and Bean on KROQ, talking about the video and that it was only going to be available from his web site, so I waited anxiously until I could get it, and it arrived in a little padded envelope today. You may be asking why a relatively clean cut 40 year old man like me likes Marilyn Manson and I'll tell you. I loved the earlier music more than the newer stuff, and I'm not sure if that's because I've moved on to something different or what, but the visuals are what have me hooked. Ever since seeing the video for "Sweet Dreams" about nine years ago, I've always been excited to see what he's going to do next visually. I agree it's not for everyone, and I wouldn't even show this latest offering to some of my friends, but artistically, It's like crack to me. I can't get enough. I especially loved the Floria Sigismondi period, think "The Beautiful People" video. OK, a simple mention has turned into a long post. Discuss amongst yourselves in the comments please.

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I can't believe that no one has an opinion on Marilyn Manson.

Brooks said @ 10/11/2004 07:53 AM PST

i loved mechanical animals. i still enjoy listening to that album. but i kinda want to see the video before i can comment on it.

sven said @ 10/18/2004 10:00 AM PST

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