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09/24/2004: "Between a Rock and a Hard Place."

I've been asked by a marketing company to do a review of the book Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Aron Ralston for my rock climbing site Bouldering at Stoney Point. In exchange for a free book, I'll need to review and promote it on the web site. I thought it would be fun so I accepted the offer and the book is in the mail. Just in case you are deaf, dumb, and blind (which would make me wonder how you're reading this) Aron is the guy that got his arm stuck by a boulder and cut off his own arm to escape. Happy reading ahead!

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that guy RULES and lives right by me!

sar said @ 09/24/2004 02:46 PM PST

I've seen him interviewed. One helluva guy. Unbelievable what he did. We all think we couldn't do that, but if you want to live, I suppose you would have to do anything you had to. Good luck with the review.

Dame! said @ 09/26/2004 09:47 PM PST

I hope in the book he covers somewhere the benefits of staying on the marked trails and not going hiking without telling a damn soul.

Orange said @ 09/27/2004 07:53 AM PST

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