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09/20/2004: "Geocaching."

It seems that someone is trying to tell me something. In the past couple of weeks I have been reminded of how I haven't gone Geocaching in a long time. First I ended up at a blog that mentioned Geocaching and then today was the kicker when I saw a story on CNN this morning about it. I need to get out there and away from staring at this glowing box in front of me. If you made it this far and still have no idea what I'm talking about, then I'll try to give a simple explanation. Using a small hand held GPS, you gather coordinates from the Geocaching web site and go on a search to find hidden treasures. Just to give you an idea on how popular this is, just go to the site and punch in your zip code to see all of the hidden caches near your home. You'll be surprised no matter where you live. The idea is to find the hidden containers usually filled with small nick-nacks and to exchange something and/or sign the log book if there is one. It's kinda like surfing for new blogs and leaving comments, only you get a lot more exercise. Below is a picture of me with a cache Marisa and I found a couple years ago near Carmel, California.

bunny cache

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Cool! I remember reading about geocaching a while ago, but I never knew anyone who did it. I thought it sounded like a pretty fun way to spend some free time. But hell, I don't even own a camera, nevermind a handheld GPS doohickey. alas. Say hi to the future for me.

rock grrrl said @ 09/20/2004 03:05 PM PST

This is the one I'm holding in the photo. They're pretty inexpensive and I'm sure you can find a killer deal on Ebay too.

Brooks said @ 09/20/2004 04:41 PM PST

Don't look so happy, Brooks.

Gilday said @ 09/20/2004 05:06 PM PST

Wow! They've gone down in price quite a lot since I last looked (of course this was years ago, when I had a geeky GIS-obsessed officemate in school). I stil don't think i could justify it, tho'. I mean, what else do you actually use it for?

rock grrrl said @ 09/20/2004 08:19 PM PST

i stand behind any activity where people get eaten by trees

amy said @ 09/21/2004 12:18 PM PST

I haven't been this excited about anything in MY WHOLE LIFE.

There are multiple caches like a HALF MILE from my house!!!

I gotta go.

estella said @ 09/21/2004 12:54 PM PST

So where have I been that I've never heard of such a thing? This is cool!

codos said @ 09/22/2004 02:58 PM PST

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