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09/16/2004: "A post for the old people."

So I was looking through some old vinyl and I pulled out my copy of Black Flag - Damaged (1981). Have you ever noticed that some records have funny or just plain strange messages written freehand in the blank space around the label (scribed into the vinyl)? Anyway, I thought that this record was one of my favorites because it has three separate messages, On side 1 it says "COMIN AT YA - THE REAL GELATINOUS THING." and on side 2 "SIZZLED THE PANTS RIGHT OFFA ME - HOWIE." and my favorite "AAAH, WHAT THE HELL - HAROLD." If you were around in 1981 and heard this record, you might have had the same reaction.

Here's your homework. If you have any vinyl records laying around, go look at the area around the label and see if you find any messages. Leave them in the comments please.

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Just found another good one. Inca Babies - Opium Den: side 1 "BLINK ONCE YOUR DEAD." side 2 "BLINK TWICE YOUR BURIED."

Inca Babies - Evil Hour side A "MOTHER MARY, PLEASE INTERVENE."

Brooks said @ 09/16/2004 10:04 PM PST

Records? Are those the rectangular things with the two holes that fit in your hand? Vinyl? I had a vinyl jacket once...

meghan said @ 09/17/2004 05:55 PM PST

Vinyl jacket? How punk rock!

Brooks said @ 09/17/2004 06:30 PM PST

In no way am I trying to be obnoxious to my elders, but I don't own any records. Furthermore, I'm not sure if I ever did. Tapes and CD's are it.

Gilday said @ 09/17/2004 07:41 PM PST

At least you didn't mention 8 track tapes. I threw away the few I had a loooooong time ago. I doubt your young crowd would even know what I'm talking about.

Dame! said @ 09/17/2004 09:30 PM PST

Much of the music I grew up with was on 8 track. Led Zeppelin, Bowie, etc. I remember it well. I even remember a long road trip from Southern California to Joliet Illinois for a swim meet when I was fourteen. We listened to one of my dads favorite 8 tracks a lot on that trip. The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

Brooks said @ 09/17/2004 10:13 PM PST

I think it's strange that back in the 80's - well, late 80's, early 90's - I loooooved Black Flag, Fugazi, Bad Religion, Minor Threat, blah blah blah, and had a pretty mean goth streak, too - Gene Loves Jezebel made its way to my CD cabinet (but not Discover - sorry, Brooks) YET, today, I'd rather listen to the 8 track wonders like Bowie & Zeppelin that Brooks refers to in the above comment. I guess 'cause I didn't grow up with it, so it's new to me. Whatever. Brooks still has the best taste in music EVER.

Katie said @ 09/18/2004 10:38 AM PST

You had to go to Joliet, IL for a swim meet!? I am so sorry.

Megan said @ 09/19/2004 03:03 PM PST

My parent are from there so we made it a family reunion double bill. Actually, my parents are there right now visiting family. My mom's side of the family owns a jewelry store there called Liebermann's.

Brooks said @ 09/19/2004 06:20 PM PST

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