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09/14/2004: "Marionette."

goldbook02 (48k image)

Just playing with some old images. Nothing to say.

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Wow, that is cool. I've been feeling that way all week.

dar said @ 09/15/2004 09:47 AM PST

Pimp. Tres pimp. Did you take that? (she says sarcastically because she knows her brother loves it when people ask that stupid question...he's a photographer people, if it's on his SITE...yeah, you can bet he took it)

meghan said @ 09/16/2004 02:07 AM PST

She looks amazing - like a porcelein (sp? - too lazy to look it up) doll.

Megan said @ 09/16/2004 11:27 AM PST

Wha! Xcuse me whilst I pick my jaw up.

Jinky said @ 09/24/2004 02:06 AM PST

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