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09/07/2004: "Top Ten Most Embarrassing Records I've Bought... Ever!"

This list would have been even more embarrassing if it would have included everything in my LP and CD racks. See, I inherited some doozies when I got married. This list will not include records my wife bought from artist like Olivia Newton John with John Travolta or Shaun Cassidy, oh, and Vitamin Z! I would like to mention that I never throw records away, so all of these are still in my collection. Anyway, on with the show.
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10) Gene Loves Jezebel - Discover
I thought these guys were so cool. Their first album was dark and weird and then they tried to do pop songs. Lets just say, they sucked at pop songs.

9) Rainbow - Down to Earth
Uh, Rainbow with Dio, yes. Rainbow with some dork named Graham Bonnet, not so much. This was weak as weak could be.

8) April Wine - Harder.......Faster
Remember when rock records had really vague titles that made you wonder what it was all about? Yah, uh, this wasn't one of them. "Dude! They're talkin' about how hard and fast they ROCK!"

7) Ted Nugent - Weekend Warriors
At this point in my adulthood, I'm pretty much embarrassed by anything with Ted's name on it. Especially this piece.

6) Footloose - the soundtrack to the movie
What do I say? What the hell did I buy this for? I can't figure it out. Was there something on there that I would have played at a party back then?

5) C+C Music Factory
Things that make you go hmmmm... indeed! I guess this is a remnant of my dancin' fool days.

4) Wham! - Fantastic
WoW! This is one of the cheesiest records ever made. I admit that I liked it a lot back then, but I was young. What did I know?

3) Vanity - Wild Animal
Ouch! This was Vanity's solo debut after Vanity 6 if I remember correctly. Also one of the cheesiest records ever made. I bet she loves having to explain this piece of crap to the people at her church.

2) Midnight Star - No Parking on the Dance Floor
First off, it should be parkin' NOT parking. A wonderful record from my DJing days. It was a fun record, but makes me cringe now.

1) Molly Hatchet - Flirtin' With Disaster
Oh man! Southern rock. I'm sorry, there may be someone out there that still listens to this crap, but I laugh every time I see this thing while going through my records.

Replies: 11 have commented

you are embarassed by Footloose!!!! why? thats like.... sacreligious... i mean... how else were you ever expected to learn how to cute loose if you didnt own that album?

sven said @ 09/07/2004 09:55 AM PST

i just KNEW that Ted Nugent would make it on to someone's list!!!

gotta love the Nuge....

chele said @ 09/07/2004 10:05 AM PST

When I was writing down Footloose. I kept thinking that it was on someone's favorite list somewhere. The embarrassment might be strengthened by images in my head of the dancing in the movie. Uh, Freudian slip with "cute?"

Brooks said @ 09/07/2004 10:15 AM PST

well, i have been told that i am cute when i bust out my kevin bacon moves... but i did mean to say cut.

sven said @ 09/07/2004 12:17 PM PST

Oh God, I LOVED that C+C Music factory cd. I used to dance like crazy in front of MTV to that song... why do I reveal such ugly truths about myself?

rock grrrl said @ 09/07/2004 12:30 PM PST

I loved the song "I Wanna Be A Cowboy" by Boys Don't Cry. I'm not embarrassed at that - I'm embarrassed that I bought the entire album and discovered that "I Wanna Be A Cowboy" was by far the best thing on it.

My young teenager daughter bought the William Hung CD. With her own money. She's listened to it twice in a two-month period. I can blackmail her for years.

Ontario Emperor said @ 09/07/2004 05:08 PM PST

Hey, ONJ was the Britney Spears of my generation! And leave Shaun Cassidy alone, I'm still waiting for satin jackets to come back...

marisa said @ 09/07/2004 10:11 PM PST

"would it kill you to play a little foghat?"

dar said @ 09/07/2004 10:39 PM PST

sven, you are embarrassed by hootie! don't judge!

sar said @ 09/08/2004 07:55 AM PST

When I was 11, I bought....*cringe* a Eurpose cassette tape *wince*.

Jen said @ 09/08/2004 04:59 PM PST

As I just posted on Erin's, I will admit another shameful record to you now, in light of your Footloose admission. I ran my Beaches soundtrack in to the ground. Hell, if I could find it, I would STILL listen to it. No shame in loving the Divine M.

meghan said @ 09/10/2004 02:07 AM PST

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