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08/29/2004: "Better Late Than Never."

This was my post from yesterday, but I had a bad connection and then forgot.

I'm writing this from the pool because I can. Why am I such the dork, that I need to post to my blog from places that seem like unusual places to blog? It must be that generic stock photo in my head of the guy sitting on a tropical island beach with his laptop. I want to be that guy, but all I can get is the pool at my hotel in Palm Springs.
Lily and I spent the whole day together as Mommy was in conferences all day. We went swimming twice and ate breakfast and lunch at the hotel restaurant together. Only distant sightings of Mrs. America contestants today. They must have been busy doing pageant contestant stuff, whatever that means.

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I think it involves the repeated application of vaseline to the teeth. Y'know, for that winning smile.

rock grrrl said @ 08/30/2004 10:41 AM PST

Thanks for your explanation of why swimmers shave. I've never really discussed the subject with a swimmer. A college friend shaved his legs when playing rugby, but that was only because he taped them...

Ontario Emperor said @ 09/05/2004 09:52 PM PST

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