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08/27/2004: "Here She Comes..."

Well, I'm not pool-side and I'm not sipping a margarita, but Lily and I did eat dinner with 19 contestants of the Mrs. America pageant (in full sash) tonight. I didn't ask, but it seems that they have to wear their sashes around everywhere. I think Mrs. New Hampshire winked at me. Anyway, each time a table of them got up from their dinners, they came over to ask all the requisite questions about Lily. "How old is she?" "Where's her Mommy?" I'm wondering if they'll all be lounging around the pool tomorrow with their hair all did up and their sashes on. That would be odd, but I'll be sure to snap a few pictures if they are. There sure was a wide range from hot to not so much. The Mrs. pageant must judge inner beauty a little more heavily than other beauty pageants.

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