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08/16/2004: "As Promised."

Here are some pictures. As you will see, us old folk are pretty mellow these days, oh... and the old beach lifeguard shorts still fit. Well, they are a little tight. The small marker cartoon was found on my big white wall. I think it's a good philosophy. That, and the "4T" cartoon on the table are by Dar. You should check out her blog.

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looks like a fun party.
but i had no idea you knew so many trannies.

copygodd said @ 08/17/2004 01:16 PM PST

Ha Ha HA! I just found my lifeguard shorts in the freezer. Whoever did it forgot to get them wet first. Sucker.

Brooks said @ 08/17/2004 06:10 PM PST

Guess "someone" didn't soak them in the beer bucket long enough. Better luck next time I guess. Let's see if you find anything else of interest...

jeff said @ 08/17/2004 06:41 PM PST

P.S. Gonna show folks the talents of Bacardi and the "fly eyes"? I'm sure there is a whole thread for you with that image alone!

jeff said @ 08/17/2004 06:48 PM PST

Oh man. I never thought to look for more hidden treasures. Shit! You guys didn't hide anything I need to work did you?

Brooks said @ 08/17/2004 07:27 PM PST

Who got you that cool shirt?

marisa said @ 08/17/2004 08:45 PM PST

;-) I believe you used the term "sucker"? Ponder that one...oh, and watch out for strange smells.Now back to work, and your regularly scheduled programming. Is it September 30 yet?

jeff said @ 08/17/2004 10:05 PM PST

happy belated, my friend.

sar said @ 08/18/2004 08:35 AM PST

"fly eyes" lol....that sure brought me back !!!

Happy b-day!! I'm sorry I missed it.

Robin Goldy-Broussard said @ 08/26/2004 02:50 PM PST

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