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08/15/2004: "Stick a Fork in Me."

I'm officially old. More pictures and commentary to follow as soon as I get some rest.

blowhard40 (31k image)

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Happy Birthday!

Paul said @ 08/15/2004 09:25 PM PST

Some of those candles look like the "gag" type that keep re-lighting after you blow them out. Oh, how amusing those are. I hope you had a great party.

Dame! said @ 08/16/2004 06:26 AM PST

Happy belated Birthday, old man.

Orange said @ 08/16/2004 08:51 AM PST

Thanks folks.

Brooks said @ 08/16/2004 08:50 PM PST

hey, i'd like photo credit on that one. Happy birthday again, glad to be there.

Brian said @ 08/18/2004 07:50 PM PST

Happy B-lated bday!! =)

Jinky said @ 08/22/2004 10:19 PM PST

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