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08/09/2004: "A Hard Day's Night."

A Hard Day's Night by the Beatles was the number 1 song in the US and in the UK the day I was born.
What was number one on your birthday?
Via Ultrablog

edited to add: Today (Aug. 10th) is my 40th birthday. Let the festivities begin!

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Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blue (Volare) by
Domenico Modugno

My head hurts just thinkin about it

dar said @ 08/10/2004 12:37 AM PST

Are You Lonesome Tonight by Elvis Presley.

...at least mine's in English!

chele said @ 08/10/2004 03:37 AM PST

It's Too Late, by Carole King. How's THAT for a friendly welcome!

Happy birthday!

rock grrrl said @ 08/10/2004 06:02 AM PST

Happy Birthday Brooks!!!

Hilary said @ 08/10/2004 08:19 AM PST

Happy Bday Brooks! The big four oh, eh?

Right behind ya...

Codos said @ 08/10/2004 08:33 AM PST

Freude Geburtstag old guy. [From one who's been there, it keeps getting better].

Doug said @ 08/10/2004 09:21 AM PST

happy birthday!
(they all keep tellin' me that 40 is the new 30...)
i'm just ahead of ya. just a little....

chele said @ 08/10/2004 10:48 AM PST

Feliz Navidad!


Have a great day, Brooks, and make sure you get the best frosting flower!

UV said @ 08/10/2004 11:11 AM PST

Just My Imagination (Running Away with You) by the Temptations. I love you shmoopy!

marisa said @ 08/10/2004 02:05 PM PST

Happy Birthday!

Awesome, I'm such a geek so this fits just right. Mine is the Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band by

k said @ 08/10/2004 02:36 PM PST

I don't have time to eat much less look up what was number 1 on my birthday. But I always make time to say Happy birthday! WOOOOO! You look good at 40.

Megan said @ 08/10/2004 03:07 PM PST

du nu nu nu nu nu nu NU...You say it's your birthday...du nu nu nu nu nu nu NU...it's (almost) my birthday too, yeah...

Happy birthday! smile

Erin said @ 08/10/2004 06:47 PM PST

Oh man! Does Erin need to pay royalties to Michael Jackson for that?

Brooks said @ 08/10/2004 09:03 PM PST

happy b-day, dead man walking.

btw, mine was "mr. tambourine man" by the byrds. how crappy is that?

copygodd said @ 08/10/2004 09:49 PM PST

The Byrds had some great songs... Mr. Tambourine Man wasn't one of them. Thanks everyone! I'm going to go home now so I can get back here at 7am. AAHhhhhh!

Brooks said @ 08/10/2004 10:55 PM PST

"Magic" by Olivia Newton-John. :-)

You have a pretty cool number #1 song for your birthday. Anything by the Beatles is all good.

Happy 40th Birthday to a fellow Leo! :-D

Corinne said @ 08/11/2004 12:55 AM PST

Happy Birthday! As a kid, I used to hate having a birthday in August because I never had a school party, but now I realize it's the best time to have one.

Gilday said @ 08/11/2004 05:39 AM PST


beautiful music said @ 08/11/2004 07:22 AM PST

happy birthday... sorry its belated a day!!!!

sven said @ 08/11/2004 09:55 AM PST

Disco Lady by Johnnie Taylor.

Ew. I don't even like disco.

Jen said @ 08/11/2004 04:17 PM PST

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight...

Ontario Emperor said @ 08/11/2004 07:56 PM PST

I know I'm really late on this one, but I just had to include my #1 on my birth date. Are ya ready? #1 was shared that day by two songs (aren't I lucky?) - Butterfly, by Charlie Gracie (huh?), and Round and Round, by Perry Como. Now, am I NOT the oldest person we know? And by the way, a very belated happy birthday, Brooks.

Dame! said @ 08/12/2004 07:21 AM PST

I'm a little late on this one, but you'll get a kick out of my #1. I even had a tie on the date of my birth. They are: Butterfly, by Charlie Gracie (huh?), and Round and Round, by Perry Como. There - am I not old, or what? I'd like to see someone beat that.

Dame! said @ 08/13/2004 06:25 AM PST

Old enough to not realize that you already posted the same comment. :-)

Brooks said @ 08/13/2004 08:44 AM PST

Yeah, but when I posted the first one, it took over a day to post, so I thought I'd done something wrong. And then I thought I'd done something wrong. And then... damn, I hate those broken record moments.

Dame! said @ 08/14/2004 08:58 AM PST

Hey man, happy week-belated birthday. I've been out of the blogging world for so long, I miss all the good stuff. Anyway, to make all of you feel super old, my #1 song from the day I was born was Endless Love by
Diana Ross and Lionel Richie. I bet most of you listened to that song at your proms.

Steve said @ 08/16/2004 07:10 AM PST

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